Colon Cleansing: Is it Good or Bad?

You may be convinced of the health benefits of detoxification. Colon cleanse may not be new to you. This method of detoxification eliminates metabolic wastes found inside the colon thereby ensuring a healthier system free from harmful toxins. However, there exists a dilemma whether this discovery in health is indeed beneficial or may cause harm to your body.

Colon Therapy

The other name for colon cleansing is colon therapy. This includes several methods which intend to eliminate feces and toxic substances found inside the large bowel or the digestive tract. You may opt to choose colon hydrotherapy (also referred to as colonic irrigation), oral cleansing methods and the use of certain dietary supplements. In the year 2000, colon cleansing became a very popular topic in the internet with many infomercials and publicity.

The Different Forms of Colon Cleansing

Colon cleansing may be done through colon hydrotherapy which uses a tube to inject water through the rectum to the colon. The solution may sometimes be mixed with certain herbs or other liquids that may enhance the elimination of fecal matter and other wastes. This uses special equipment for easy flow of liquid into the large colon.

On the other hand, oral cleaning remedies may be done with the use of certain herbs, dietary supplements, dietary fiber or laxatives. You may believe that when fecal material and accumulated wastes stay longer in your system, it may harbor the growth of bacteria and parasites. These organisms in turn may cause diseases to the body. This belief about “auto-intoxication”  is traced way back the time of ancient Greeks and Egyptians. (20th century)

The Downside of Colon Cleansing

Though colon therapy may bring you several health benefits, there are certain arguments on its use. Some experts believe that colon cleansing lacks scientific evidence to support its effectiveness. They say there are several risks to it such as damage to the bowel and the rectum. Nature has its natural way to clean the body and get rid of harmful wastes.

According to some experts, enema preparations are linked with cases of electrolyte imbalances and heart attacks. Any equipment that is used and prepared improperly may cause damage or infection to the bowel. Enema use may lead to dependence and may affect the effectiveness of certain prescription drugs.

Health Benefits

You may agree that the body needs to get rid of metabolic wastes and that your colon needs support in this work. There are natural ways on how to do colon cleansing. Some use natural ingredients such as herbs to stimulate the colon to get rid of the harmful toxins in the body. When these accumulated matter stay in your system longer, they may cause diseases such as cancer.

The colon is a major excretory organ. It eliminates fecal matter that contains millions of bacteria. However, other wastes may stick on the lining of the colon that even a regular bowel movement cannot rinse them off. This calls for a need of a colon cleansing remedy which when done properly and accordingly can enhance the body’s natural process of elimination and detoxification.